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Laws literally change every day.

A good lawyer is one who focuses on a certain type of law, studies it, knows it and can service clients expertly in that area as well as in the areas that naturally branch out from that area.

At Lopiano-Reilly Law Offices, we focus on the laws that affect your family.  Click on the links to  alimony, child support, divorce, domestic violence law, and  custody to begin to learn more.

Family Law issues are often heated. While we will certainly work toward a negotiated settlement agreement if possible, Lopiano-Reilly Law Offices is fully ready to go to trial to fight aggressively for you in court. The natural branches out from family law are business law and the law of decedents, estates and trusts or estate planning and, when a loved one dies, estate administration. We are experienced in those areas as well.

Our clients can rest assured that we will not venture into areas that we don’t know well. Rather, we have a full network of outside attorneys and consultants to refer you to for all other branches of law and we can coordinate our services for you with outside counsel so you have excellent representation in all areas you require.

The key to any attorney-client relationship is trust. Even though we limit our practice to family law, business law and the law of decedents, estates and trusts or estate planning and administration, we pride ourselves in guiding our clients to where they need to go to get the specific help they require.

Have you been injured? Trust us to get you to excellent attorneys who practice in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, social security and disability law. Do you need advice on employment law or unemployment law? We will get you that help. Have you had a traffic violation or have you been charged with a serious crime? We have a network of seasoned criminal defense attorneys that we work with regularly.

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