Protection From Abuse

If you are in imminent fear of bodily harm or if you have been physically harmed, you need to call the police. If you are faced with family violence, but do not feel that you need the police right now, talk to a lawyer about obtaining a Protection from Abuse Order against the person trying to harm you.

But calling the police or filing a PFA should never be used as a weapon in a divorce or custody action. It is too serious a charge to be used for anything less than a serious threat to safety. At Lopiano-Reilly Law Offices, we take physical threats and actual family violence or domestic violence very seriously. When there is a genuine issue of physical violence, children and all members of the family can be irreparably harmed physically and psychologically.  We will help you get the protection you need.

If you have been unfairly served with a Protection From Abuse Order or falsely accused of domestic violence, talk to your attorney about the best legal defense against the order. Failing to resolve this matter could affect your access to your home for up to three years and could greatly impact on custody or divorce.

We are well versed in defending against unfair accusations of abuse. If you have questions or need advice on these issues, contact us today.